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Sean Bennetts Yunnanuni Documentary

Sean Bennett, one of the Australian riders on last years Yunnanuni Unicycle Tour, made a documentary video with interviews of the riders, and lots of great riding footage.

Check it out:


Tony Meltons Radio New Zealand interview

A very interesting interview of Tony Melton during the Yunnan Unicycle Tour, with heaps of stuff about unicycle touring in general.

Definitely worth a listen:

Radio New Zealand Unitour Interview


The AU riders from our latest Unitour- Yunnanuni, in China’s Yunnan Province, finished their ride today. ¬†They unicycled over 500km from the Tibetan mountain town of Shangri-La, through the beautiful Tiger Leaping Gorge, to finish in Dali. ¬†Check out some amazing photos on the Yunnanuni Website: http://yuni.adventureunicyclist.com