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Vietnam to Cambodia by Unicycle- OXFAM Cycle Challenge 2004

This was what kicked off my interest in Unicycle Touring, and inspired this website.  Back in 2003, I heard about a charity challenge being put together by OXFAM.  A group of bicyclists (and one unicyclist!) spent a year fundraising for OXFAM in Cambodia.  We cycled from Saigon to Siem Reap, having a lot of fun visiting our sponsored OXFAM project along the way.


Riding to Gibraltar on one wheel…

Matt Downing made a final 135km ride into Gibraltar today, after over 3000km in the saddle:

“I wake up early with the strange feeling knowing the trip would be over before I’m next asleep. I say goodbye to the others who are awake at the Hostel and head off by the sea. The roads then become absolutely crazy so I take to the fields climbing fences over and under, and am covered in dirt.”

Read about the inspirational journey on Matt’s blog

Congratulations Matt!

Jai Caorthann rides 1000 miles around Ireland

Congratulations Jai!

Jai Caorthann completed his 1000 mile circumnavigation of Ireland today, after 3 weeks of unicycling through some of the most beautiful parts of the world. Read about it on his blog: http://onewheeloneisland.wordpress.com/

Jai Caorthann: One Wheel One Island

Jai Caorthann is planning to ride around Ireland to raise money for Special Olympics Ireland and Brain Tumour UK.

One Wheel One Island will start on 6th July 2011, and will take him 60 miles a day, for 21 days, to circumnavigate the whole island of Ireland. Give Jai your support, or if you’re in the area, go and meet up with him on the ride.

One Wheel One Island Website

Induni Slideshow

Here is the long awaited video of our AU unicycle tour of West Bengal, in Northern India.  We ride through some amazing scenery, from low-lying tea plantations up into the Himalayas.

Monguni Video

Here is a video produced by Jason of Grasshopper Adventures showing the highlights of the Monguni Unicycle Tour: