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Riding to Gibraltar on one wheel…

Matt Downing made a final 135km ride into Gibraltar today, after over 3000km in the saddle:

“I wake up early with the strange feeling knowing the trip would be over before I’m next asleep. I say goodbye to the others who are awake at the Hostel and head off by the sea. The roads then become absolutely crazy so I take to the fields climbing fences over and under, and am covered in dirt.”

Read about the inspirational journey on Matt’s blog

Congratulations Matt!

One Wheel Across Europe

Matt Downing takes to the roads of Paris and Spain on one wheel to raise money for charity.

“Starting in Calais and ending in Gibraltar he will traverse the entire trip on a Unicycle. That’s roughly 2000 miles! He expects to meet many people along the way and ask them nicely to contribute to his cause – raising money for Cancer research UK.”

Check out Matts Blog:


And of course, support his cause: