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Monguni Video

Here is a video produced by Jason of Grasshopper Adventures showing the highlights of the Monguni Unicycle Tour:

Mountain-unicycling South Island, New Zealand

Mark Lavis from Canberra does a unicycling road trip of the South Island, New Zealand after UNICON XV (The 15th Unicycle World Championships and Convention) held in Wellington earlier this year.

It’s a long video but shows some amazing scenery and good MUni action.

Mountain Unicycling South Island NZ. from Mark Lavis on Vimeo.

Have fun in Mongolia!

Good luck to all the riders heading to Mongolia for the Monguni Unicycle Tour.  This is the first time this country has been traversed on one wheel…


Ride safe and enjoy the ride!

Barcelona to Montpellier on one wheel

Toni Penya is embarking on a 430km unicycle ride from Barcelona to Montpellier starting next week.


“Survive, have fun, meet people and expend as less as possible trying to survive out of the kindness of people in the road.”

Follow his adventures as he rides from the 9th-18th July:


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Mongolia Unicycle Tour 2010

The long awaited Mongolia Unicycle Tour is finally going ahead. In August, up to 20 Unicyclists from around the world will be the first to ride through Mongolia.

Check  out the Monguni Unicycle Tour website for details:



3 Oceans Unicycle Tour

Yes, that crazy man who unicycled across India is at it again.  Sid Rajan is riding across Australia as part of his honours thesis.  Having just recently ridden across Tasmania as part of the Tasmania Unicycle Tour, Sid will be taking on the rest of Australia in a test of endurance.

“The aim of this research project is to arrive at a deeper understanding of the embodied experience of long distance cycle touring in relation to the space-time dimension of the experience.”

Sounds like an incredibly painful experiment to me! The tour will take place in June-July 2009.  Folllow his journey here: 3 Oceans Unicycle Tour Website

Sid in Laos

Good luck Sid!

Tasmania Unicycle Tour 14-18 April

The Tasmania Unicycle Tour is underway with 7 unicyclists led by 14yr old Aubin Gill taking part.

Follow their epic 330km journey around Tasmania, from Launcheston to Hobart!



Update from Induni

The tour is well and truly in the Himalayas, with big mountains, long descents, and kids chasing and waving to us wherever we go.  We’ve gone from the steamy lowlands to the tea plantations and leg numbing climbs as we ascended to over 2000m elevation. Today is a rest day in Kalimpong before heading into Sikkim state tomorrow.

Here a a few photos from the trip so far:


Geoff being chased by kids


Sweeping switchbacks

Jason entertains the kids

Jason entertains the kids

A local gets a helping hand

A local gets a helping hand

New articles online

We’ve added a couple of articles on Adventure Unicyclist.  Both are related to concepts which are slowly creeping into unicycling.

The first article is about setting up unicycles more like bicycles…particularly for road riding.  The reasoning is that as unicyclists start riding faster and over longer distances, the most comfortable set-up is one refined over a century by our two wheeled cousins.  There is already vigorous debate on the forums and many new designs coming forth.  Read about it here: Road Unicycle Set-up and T7 Modification.

The other article is also something that we are starting to have to think more about, unicycle gearing.  As technology improves, it becomes more difficult for beginners to figure out concepts like gearing when there are multiple factors involved.  Klaas Bil, a unicyclist from Holland, has devised a way to think about unicycle gearing which I found quite interesting.  Read about it here: Total Gear Ratio.

Upcoming articles: Packing a unicycle for travelling