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Unicyclist.com is the main international unicycling forums. Keep up to date and meet unicyclists around the world.

Unicycling New Zealand


Yunnanuni 2011 Unicycling in the mountains of Tibet, starting in Shangri-La and finishing at the famous Tiger-Leaping Gorge above the Yangzi River

Monguni 2010 Unicycling through the Mongolian Steppe

Induni 2009 Unicycle Tour of India in April 2009

Uninam 2008 A 500km Unitour starting in Hanoi and finishing in Saigon

Sinz Unitour 2007 A 900km tour up the rugged and beautiful South Island of New Zealand

Laos Unitour 2006 The first Adventure Unicyclist Unitour. An epic unicycle adventure through Laos

Alps Unitour Unicycle touring through the Swiss Alps, taking in 6 countries along the way.

Mediterranean Unitour Twelve riders unicycled through Slovenia, the coast of Croatia, central Italy, Corsica, and the Côte d’Azur in France. The 19-day tour traversed mountainous terrain and challenging coastal roads for 1106 km (687 miles), climbing a total of 12,500 m (41,000 feet).

Norwegian Unitour
The Norwegian Unicycle Tour (NUT) was a long distance unicycle ride starting in Trondheim, Norway and ending in Bodø, Norway via the Lofoten Islands.

European Unicycle Tour The European Unicycle Tour was a long distance unicycle ride starting from Cologne, Germany, going through Luxembourg and France and finally ending up in Barcelona, Spain, in 2001.

Unicycle Across Minnesota is one of the very first organised unicycle tours, and still one of the biggest ever!

Unitours.org is Andy Cotters website. It’s the hub for anything Unicycle Touring related.


Moab Munifest is an annual mountain-unicycling event held in Moab, Utah.

California Muni Weekend is the event that kicked off the sport of mountain unicycling


Ride the Lobster is the worlds first organised stage race. Thirty five teams of unicyclists from around the world dueled it out for over 800km across Nova Scotia, Canada, in 2008

UNICON (The Unicycle World Championships and Convention)

Unicon 15 Wellington, New Zealand 2009/2010

Unicon 14 Copenhagen, Denmark 2008

Unicon 13 Langenthal, Switzerland 2006

Unicon 12 Tokyo, Japan 2004

Adventure Unicyclists

One Wheel Across Europe Matt Downing rides over 2000 miles from Calais to Gibraltar

Unitramps David Suede and Smanna Michelle Taylor unicycle 3500km from Darwin to Adelaide, Australia, to raise money for The Little Heroes Foundation.  March 2011

Lars Clausen rode across America. And then turned around and rode back the other way! Read all about it in his book ‘One Wheel, Many Spokes’

Kris Holm One of the worlds best known unicyclists, Kris put the extreme into unicycling long before he even met other unicyclists.

Unicycle Max is a blog by Max de Milner about his 1200km journey through six New England states in 2006. He was the inspiration behind the ‘Ride the Lobster’ unicycle race in Nova Scotia, 2008

Gracie Sorbello unicycled across the USA in 2006 to raise money for cancer research. And not only that, she did it barefoot!

Sam Wakeling is the current 24hr Unicycle World Record Holder. As well as breaking world records, he’s been known to do crazy things like riding riding from Lands End to John O’Groats, and dance to the beat of a car alarm.

Steve Colligan is an Adventure Unicyclist from the UK.  Follow his latest charity ride ‘1000km across the roof of the World’, from Lhasa to Kathmandu

Ken Looi has been unitouring all over world, is one of the worlds top road racing unicyclists. Adventureunicyclist.com was his personal website before morphing into a general unicycling website.

Team Rollercoaster: The inaugral winners of the Kris Holm Evolution of Balance Award for their Panama Jungle Muni Expedition

Sid Rajan: Unicyles across India, Australia, and many more crazy places!


Grasshopper Adventures organise cycle tours throughout SE Asia. We have had many successful partnerships with Grasshopper running the Adventure Unicyclist Unitours.

Non-unicycling Adventures

14 Degrees off the beaten track Around the world by recumbent bicycle and Skateboard.  Rob Thompsons epic journey one more wheels than one!


John Foss One of the best known unicyclists. John has been involved in unicycling for longer than most people can remember!

Klaas Bil dreams up interesting unicycle projects and technical stuff, like the Total Gear Ratio

Dustin Schaap is the junior road World Champ.  He has an interesting website if you speak Dutch.  Otherwise, just look at the pretty pictures.

Tinyurl is a well known website set up by our very own Gilby, an intrepid Adventure Unicyclist and Unicyclist.com webmaster. If you find the URL’s on this site a bit of a mouthful, you know where to go!

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