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Welcome to Adventure Unicyclist!

I’m Ken Looi, a long distance unicyclist from Wellington, New Zealand.  Adventure Unicyclist is my blog about riding on one wheel, and a collection of articles about the interesting things that unicyclists get up to.  On occasion, Adventure Unicyclist also runs unicycle tours to exotic places.  You can find out about these on the Unitours page.  If you thought unicycles were things out of a circus, I hope to convince you otherwise.

I bought my first unicycle in 2000, for no profound logic other than waking up one day wanting to ride one.  It took a couple of weeks to figure out how to make this unstable contraption go a few metres without crumpling in a heap.  Since then, I’ve unicycled all over the world, set the 24hr Unicycle World Record (378km), and won the 2006 World Championship title in the Unicycle Marathon.  I also held the previous Unicycle Hour Record at 29.993km.  Outside of racing and organising unicycle tours, I help develop our sport as vice-president of the International Unicycling Federation.

Unicycling, like bicycling, has many disciplines, from artistic freestyle, to track and field racing, to street and flatland unicycling, to unicycle hockey/basketball.  At Adventure Unicyclist, we are interested in Unicycle-Touring (Unitouring) and Mountain-Unicycling (MUni).

Unitouring came about with the advent of large wheeled unicycles, and more recently, geared unicycles, which allow us to travel further and faster than before. People have been cycle-touring on bikes for many years, now we can also do it on one wheel.

MUni is to unicycling what mountainbiking is to bicycling.  Off-road, singletrack, mountains, dirt roads….you can ride anything on a unicycle that you can on a bike.

I like unicycling because it is the most basic form of transport ever invented…it’s just a wheel with pedals and a seat.

Simplicity in motion.


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