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Archive for October, 2011

Coldplay Musician Chris Martin Unicycling in Africa

We could think of better unicycles to ride than a 20″, but it’s not often you get Adventure Unicycling featured in a music video.

Check it out, about 2 minutes into the clip:


Time-Trial Unicycle

Spot the real unicyclist!

Photo courtesy of Sam Wakeling (24hr World Record Unicyclist)

Riding to Gibraltar on one wheel…

Matt Downing made a final 135km ride into Gibraltar today, after over 3000km in the saddle:

“I wake up early with the strange feeling knowing the trip would be over before I’m next asleep. I say goodbye to the others who are awake at the Hostel and head off by the sea. The roads then become absolutely crazy so I take to the fields climbing fences over and under, and am covered in dirt.”

Read about the inspirational journey on Matt’s blog

Congratulations Matt!