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Archive for December, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hi everyone,

This will be the last AU post for the year.  Ok, there hasn’t been many, but we only got going again not long ago.

I hope Santa has been good to you all, and brought many unicycle parts to fill your Christmas stockings with.  Failing that, get a copy of the latest Unicycle Magazine.  There is a 2010 calender with a couple of photos from Adventure Unicyclist.  What better way to plan out your unicycling year?  Oh, and there’s an Ken Looi interview in there too 😉

I’m off on a ride, and to work of some of that excess Christmas pudding.  Just think, if the fat guy learnt how to unicycle, the reindeer would have less to carry and there would be fewer carbon emissions.

Have a very Merry Christmas from all of us at Adventure Unicyclist!

See you again next year.

Ken and the AU team

Induni 2009, The India Unicycle Tour

As many of you know, the next Adventure Unicyclist tour is in North Eastern India next year.  We are still taking registrations for Induni, but it closes on 1 Jan 2009, and we have a maximum limit of 24 riders.

If you are interested in coming, please get in touch with us now and I’ll give you more information about the tour.  More information and also rider profiles and unicycles are up on: www.induni.adventureunicyclist.com

Here is what Grasshopper Master, our tour leader has to say about Induni:

“Our tour takes us to the north east of India to a fantastically diverse region that
borders Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and China, each of them never more than 100
miles away. This diversity is reflected in both the landscape, which ranges from the
steaming plains near Bangladesh, to the world’s 3rd highest mountain,
Kanchenjunga, but it is also evident in the people and religions we’ll see. Bengali tea
pickers, Bhutanese religious sculptors, Nepali corn vendors and Tibetan prayer flags
are all to be found at this confluence of cultures.
All this contrast makes for plenty of legwork, and starting in the plains, we’ll work our
way up through to the foothills until we’re close enough to the snow-capped peaks of
Sikkim that it’ll feel like we can just reach out and touch them. ”

Hope to see you in India next year!

Ken Looi

1000km across the roof of the World

Another epic journey completed by unicycle.  This time it’s Steve Colligan, a pretty well known unicyclist from the UK.  Steve has ridden 1100km, with 12,000m of climbing, and 15,000m of descent, from Lhasa in Tibet to Kathmandu in Nepal.  This gruelling challenge was to raise money for a charity in Nepal.

Read all about it on Steve’s Website: Unicycle Steve

The writeup and photos are on this RSU thread

Well done Steve!