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Unipal: Training is over!

Just finished our last training ride here in California. Getting ready to leave in 5 days! See you guys in Kathmandu!

—Nathan Hoover

Unipal: One week before we fly to Kathmandu!

We will be using the Adventure Unicyclist blog to post about our adventures on Unipal, the Himalayas Unicycle Tour. Anna and Ken will be one of the first to arrive in Kathmandu, on 2 April, so we will get to look around before the rest of the group.

This user profile will be used by all the Unipal riders to update you on our tour.

Safe travels everyone!

—Anna and Ken



Unipal: 2 months and counting

Here’s a sneak peek at our T-shirt

shirt5 shirt2 shirt3 shirt4

Absolute final

Vietnam to Cambodia by Unicycle- OXFAM Cycle Challenge 2004

This was what kicked off my interest in Unicycle Touring, and inspired this website.  Back in 2003, I heard about a charity challenge being put together by OXFAM.  A group of bicyclists (and one unicyclist!) spent a year fundraising for OXFAM in Cambodia.  We cycled from Saigon to Siem Reap, having a lot of fun visiting our sponsored OXFAM project along the way.


James Anderson Unicycling in Mongolia

Here is a pretty neat video of James Anderson, a unicyclist currently teaching in Mongolia, riding unicycle trials in Ulaan Bator.

Those of us who came on the Monguni Tour will be familiar with the setting!

Good work Sam!

Unipal 2015: The Nepal Himalayas Unitour

Ken Looi unicycles in Nepals Annapurna circuit 2002

Announcing…the long awaited Himalayas Unicycle Tour.  Open to anyone who can ride off road on a unicycle.

Nepal is home to 8 of the worlds 14 mountains over 8000m, so what better place for our next AU/Grasshopper tour than the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal?

Dates: 6 April to 17 April 2015 (with optional 4 day extension to 21 April 2015)

Cost: US $1640 (+US$400 for optional 4 day extension)

Closes: 31 August 2014

For more info…go to the Unipal page on AU.

This is a proper off-road trek, but check out our last trip to the Himalayas in 2009 (West Bengal):

Karapoti 2014

You know you’ve been around for a while when you take to the start-line of a mountainbike race, 20yrs after your first one. And what a start line it is- on the banks of the Akatarawa River…your feet are soggy and you’ve had a swim even before hitting the pedals.
Back in 1994, as a pimply high-schooler, it was ‘THE’ mountainbike event for anyone who was in to mountainbiking. Not much has changed in the last two decades, except nowadays I ride Karapoti on one wheel rather than two.  I have not missed a single Karapoti in the last 10yrs, despite living in Australia.
The weapon of choice this year was my trusty Triton titanium unicycle, decked out with 29” KH XC rim, 145mm cranks and 2.25” Racing Ralphs, and the carbon NNC Flatfish saddle. Simple, lightweight and bombproof! I decided to take the Maguras off just before the race, to save a bit of weight and add mud clearance. After racing last few years on a geared Schlumpf- it felt good to get back to the basics…no brakes, no gears, no handlebar, just a fixed wheel. I’m unconvinced a geared hub was a good option anyway, and wiped myself out last year after the cranks came loose and disengaged the hub. Unicycles are meant to be simple machines!
There were only two of us racing 2014 Karapoti- local lad Tim Armstrong from Upper Hutt, and myself.   Tim is a formidable runner, so I was keen to get as much distance on him up the Karapoti Gorge as possible, which is pretty much how it panned out. After splashing across the Akataratarawa river, I pedalled as fast as I could up the gorge, opening up a gap before hitting the warmup climb. With Tim chasing hard, I put everything into maintaining a flawless spin.
My fitness levels were pretty average this year, but much of it depends on how you feel on the day. When we got to Deadwood climb proper, I knew I was having a great day because I just felt happy. Like really happy, instead of wanting to vomit and cry in the same spot every other year. It was a combination of great weather, smooth Karapoti conditions, lightweight unicycle and many things going great in my life right now.
Before I knew it, I was diving down the Rock Garden. Instead of gingerly clamouring over boulders, I was skipping my way through lines of mountainbikers….a $10k full suspension bike is no good when someone comes flying past with a unicycle on their shoulder.
I got to the bottom of the rock garden having passed several dozen riders, and scrambled over to the Devil Staircase. I was pleasantly surprised there were very few riders cluttering (I mean that in the nicest possible way) the staircase. Karapoti numbers seemed a little down on previous years. This made a perfect opportunity for a speedy climb, rather than ducking and weaving under a carnage of people slipping and sliding with bikes on their heads.
I got to the top of the staircase, legs still feeling quite okay, and bombed down Big Ring Boulevard as fast as I could. I was having so much fun that before I knew it, I was at the base of Dopers Hill and tackling the final climb. Tim Armstrong was still nowhere in sight, so I heaved a sigh of relief- I’ve never seen anyone go up Dopers Hill as fast as he did last year.
By my split calculations, I was on track for a sub-4hr Karapoti, which would beat my 2005 course record of 4hrs11min. It gave me extra impetus to pedal that bit faster.
I was almost on the home straight when disaster struck. Or, more to the point, a pile of rocks I was too lazy as to avoid struck my wheel. The painful hiss of a pinchflat was a little annoying- in the dozen plus times I’ve raced Karapoti, I have only ever flatted in training. Even more annoying was fumbling about trying to get the wheel off. Why hasn’t anyone invented a quick release unicycle wheel? I wasted well over 10min changing the tube, and just as I tightened up the final bolts, Tim Armstrong comes sailing past. A Deja-vu moment as he did the same thing last year when I was fixing another mechanical.
I hopped back on to chase him down, only to realise that I had not put enough air in the tyre. The wheel was squirrelling around all over the place! Luckily we were already at the top of Karapoti Gorge.  I passed Tim and had to juggle staying in front whilst not pushing too hard over rocks in case of another pinch flat. There were some very close calls as my tyre bottomed out (post-race tyre pressure measured 12 PSI and there was a tear along the tube, luckily not quite a pinch flat).


Onto the final sealed road and I knew I was safe, but only had about 100m on Tim. I spun as fast as I could until I reached the Akatarawa River- splashed right into the deep end and ended up swimming. My legs cramped up on the other side, I wasn’t able to remount, with Tim coming up behind me. I sprinted (or waddled/crawled) across the line barely a unicycle length ahead of Tim. The closest Karapoti unicycle finish ever, in 4hrs14min31s!
This was one of the most fun Karapotis I’ve ever done, despite being a little gutted at missing the sub-4hr due to the puncture. It gives me a goal for next year, because I know it’s doable. Tim had taken 25min off his Karapoti PB and was within 3min of the race record…so next year could be the most exciting race yet.

IMG_2548  IMG_2556

Unistan: Unicycling the Silk Road, Uzbekistan

Here is the long awaited slideshow of the first ever unicycle tour of Uzbekistan. Watch as we travel the Silk Road, through ancient cities, over mountains and desert.

Unistan: The Uzbekistan Unicycle Tour video

Another beautiful video shot by Nicola Cassanelli.   He shows off our recent Adventure Unicyclist tour of Uzbekistan.

You’ll enjoy this!